Sunday, February 28, 2010


Sneak Peek

We took a stroll through Temple Square the other day since the weather was beautiful and caught a sneak peek at Spring. It made me so excited for warmer weather and spring time!

My two favorite boys!
We also saw this dude...what a bike!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

3D Please!

This last weekend ( i know, its been almost a week! its been insanely busy!) Me and my cousin's wife, Alison went out for a girls night out. we left our baby boys at home with the men and ventured to see Avatar in 3D. I've been wanting to see it for some time and it was a good excuse to go.

I think my new favorite thing is 3D movies... I don't know what makes it so fun but I LOVE it! The movie was entertaining, very liberal but i enjoyed it. The special effects were amazing. Needless to say I keep having weird dreams about the movie.

(Do you like our friend in the background?)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Minne - What?


Scott got two jobs offer a few weeks ago. One for Goldman-Sachs which would keep us in Salt Lake and one with Ostler International which would relocate us after moving to Minnesota for a few months for training. After a lot of prayers, tears and sleepless nights we've decided to take a chance with Ostler International. Scott will fly out in two weeks for two weeks of a pre-training and then if he likes what he sees - we'll move in April.
We will be very sad to leave our friends and family here in Salt Lake but we are excited for a new adventure. The new job will be a great opportunity for Scotts career and it'll be fun to see where we'll end up after our training in Minneapolis if all goes well.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I am a Shopaholic

Thanks for a great tip off from my blogging friend Mindy, I found out that Gap was having a 40% of sale on EVERYTHING yesterday.

I've been trying to be really good about not going shopping because we are trying to keep in our budget and save money, etc, etc. BUT i couldn't resist - 40% off!!

So.. i went. i didn't find a lot for me but the baby section, i gave in and found some super cute onesies for Benson and some tops for our nieces.. can't wait to show them! this one was my favorite:

There is something about shopping and getting great deals that just makes me feel soo re-energized! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE LOVE good sales! Its like a high. seriously. I like to think shopping is my way of dealing with stress, and its cheaper than a shrink.

Scott says there is something wrong with the chemicals in my head...

.... which may be true...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Presidents Day

Today we celebrate Presidents Day...Heres a little background info on this great day:

Washington's Birthday is the official name designated to what many of us know as President's Day. During the month of February the birthday of two of our greatest President's takes place. Both George Washington who was born on Feb. 22nd and Abraham Lincoln born on Feb. 12th.

However, Washington's birthday has been publicly celebrated since he was in office, before Abraham Lincoln was even born. Much of the debate over the name of the holiday springs from the fact that state's can follow their own holidays how they see fit and many of them chose to also honor Lincoln, calling the celebration President's Day.

Presidents Day also means NO SCHOOL!

Here's to no school and may everyone's Presidents Day be as lazy as mine!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Memo to the tooth fairy

We all know the process of losing our baby lose the tooth and put it under your pillow. When you wake up the next morning, there is money from the toothfairy!

Now only if there was the same process when baby teeth come in. The other day I thought Benson had a crumb in his mouth but it was a tooth! his bottom two teeth are starting to break through his gums! He is now 7 1/2 months old and just growing like a weed. we have been making it through the teething process with Tylenol AND Motrin.

Here is the latest picture of him. Grandpa and Grandma flew in from Hong Kong and we got to spend time with them - it was so much fun and we miss them already! Benson LOVED his grandpa and grandma

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Student Teaching

I started a few weeks ago teaching World History and Government at Cottonwood High School. I will be there till the beginning of April. I know this dates me but high school has definitely changed over the last 10 years! I enjoy my Government classes a lot and actually get excited to go and teach. Unfortunately i can't say that about the 10th graders...its an endurance race with them.

Great things I've learned from student teaching so far:
- Kids can give you germs just by looking at them (I'm going on my third cold so far!)

- Cell phone and ipods are more important than anything else in the whole world to a 10th grader

- ALL high school-ers have a hearing have to repeat yourself at least three times for them to hear you or understand the words that come out of your mouth.

- Students will lie about anything to get out class so they can walk the halls...which is way more interesting than sitting in class...those high school halls are just so much fun

- Lastly - high school girls can be nasty, hormonal and ravishing brats.