Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This one time on "vacation"

My Sister in law, Kristie, gave me some wise wisdom last summer while she was visiting her family in Utah. She said that when you have kids, its not a Vacation, its a Trip.

The last month I've spent on the east coast visiting my family. It kinda all came together due to several factors. I normally don't plan month long trips without my husband but since his schedule for work made him busy and out of town a lot for the month of June and my parents booking a beach house on the NC shores, and getting to see my new niece I decided it would be a great idea to just spend the whole month out east.

I had this great idea to drive to D.C. for a week and see some sites, old friends and family. Stop by Richmond and see my sister. Then spend a week at the beach with my parents and the rest of the time, spend it with my family and have so much fun.

In between all that fun that i was planning for, some incidents happened that made me never want to travel again. I will be staying in my home for the next three years.

I have to go finish this scouting video so i can be a qualified cub scout leader but pictures and stories are on the way!!