Sunday, April 20, 2008

Trek Demo Daze

So, as many of you may know, I enjoy mountain biking. I really, really enjoy it. Yesterday I took a break from taking a break from studying and decided to head out to Lambert Park near Alpine, UT to do some morning biking.

I loaded everything up in the car and drove out. I got to Lambert Part around 10:30. I was out on the trail by 10:35 and just 5 pedal strokes later I snapped my chain. This was the 3rd time in less than a month that I've broken this chain. I was frustrated. I coasted back to the car and was packing everything up when 2 guys on really nice Trek bikes approached me and asked me how to get to a near by parking lot. I chatted with them for a moment and they informed me that the Trek Factory people were up at the next parking lot with a trailor full of bikes to let people take out and demo! This was music to my ears! Not only would I still be able to ride, I could do it on some sweet bikes and not have to worry about breaking any more chains.

I drove up to the parking lot, and got all signed up. I won't bore you all with the details of the bikes I rode or how they compared to each other. But it suficeth me to say that they were good. I added up the prices on the 4 bikes I rode; it was a total of $13.906.

I rode for about 2 hours. I think I covered between 20-25 miles. It was incredible! Here are a couple of the bikes I rode.

Trek 69er 3x9 (~$1,800) This one was my favorite

Trek 69er Single Speed (~$2,300)Trek Fuel EX 9 (~$3,400)
Trek Fuel EX 9.5 (~$6,200) This thing was incredible!

Lesson #206 - Broiling

You know those days when salsa and tortilla chips just sound sooo good?!

Well, that happened to me yesterday and we didn't have any chips so I thought I'd whip out my domestic skills and make my own out of tortillas. My sisters does it all the time, it can't be too hard.

I put the oven on Broil and popped them in....and then i forgot about them.... oops.

Lesson#206 : Don't EVER forget somethings in the oven when it is set to Broil High.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Exciting News....

We just found out today that Scott got a job with Marriott and will be starting in the next two weeks! We are super excited about it. Both of us are quitting our jobs at the same time, so its been a little stressful trying to find jobs in Provo. We love the jobs that we have now- mainly because the hours are wonderful and very flexible- we haven't had to work a Saturday since we've been married! But we know its time to change and we know that the free weekends will no longer exsist. But we are okay with it and super excited to share the benefits of having someone work in the Hotel/Resort Department!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

1st ride of the year

The last couple weeks in Utah has been so cloudy and cold, we've even got some snow this last week. I really thought that warm weather was never going to come, and with finals coming up I really just wanted a little bit of sunshine to make the days better. And we finally got it today! It was over 50 degrees- so to celebrate me and Scott went for a bike ride up Provo Canyon and had so much fun! it was my first time trying out my road bike and I highly recommend it to anyone who has been thinking about biking.

Notice how our car matches our bikes. a little too much silver- Scott has a friend who is going to paint mine for me, but i'm not sure what color yet.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

first time for everything

So this is my first time blogging and I feel a little insecure. I'm not sure what this is all about but I've been thinking about it for almost months!

A little update: we are happy to announce that Scott only have 23 credits left till he can graduate and I have 32 left and I just got into the program I applied for! We aren't sure what lays ahead of us after school but right now we are just worried about finishing. Both of us are anxiously waiting for this semester to end so we can move onto summer!

Speaking of summer, we are planning on staying in Provo for the summer and work; take a few summer classes and hopefully enjoy the nice dry heat maybe hit up the Provo river a few times.

I'm searching for another job right now. I had an interview at Sundance this week and am waiting to hear back for another interview...hopefully. What I don't understand is why do interviews sometimes have so many weird questions. The one that really surprised me was when she asked " Who is your best friend and why?" I really wanted to say something like "my credit card" or "you" but I said Scott...but why would they ask something like that? I just don't understand.

well thats all for now.....