Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I know this shows how much we get into the shows we watch but after a long hard day of classes and work, we love watching the biggest loser together. this season has been a little hard for me to watch due to the massive amounts of drama-rama between the teams and I just don't think its fun to watch when people are so rude to each other. Anyways, to make the long story short BRADY got kicked off last night and I'm soo happy! Him and his wife are the main cause of all this drama so its great!!! I literally screamed and shouted for joy when Amy P. voted him off! wishes do come true!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

bikes bikes bikes

If anyone has been in our garage lately, you'd think it was a bike shop. We've got several bikes, and bike parts, thanks mainly to Scott but this latest edition happens to mine! I'm so excited my cruiser finally came!

Routan Babymaker

So i was talking to a friend today at church and she told me about this website, so I thought i'd check it out. You put a picture of two people and they show you what their baby will look like. They have an example of Palin and Obama, and it was pretty funny.
here is a picture of our proud image baby...hahaha..

Here is the website:;

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Laughs

For Halloween, we invited our friends John and Laura over to enjoy a fun festive night. Little did we know we'd be spending time with Juno and Tom Selleck! When they came to our door I thought Laura was trying to tell me something so when she asked me if I knew who she was, I wanted to say "you in 5 months?"....just to clarify, she was NOT trying to tell me something.

Tom aka Tyron

My mom has made this dinner in a pumkin meal for Halloween ever since I can remeber,
it was a lot of fun except
I was in such a hurry I forgot to add one of the main ingredients! oops!

2 mintues of searching around the house = Zebra cowgirl & Manuel
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Isaac Comes to town...

My brother Isaac came into town for a day and it was
alot of fun to see him! It has totally made my whole month!
he works retail and so its hard for him to get away to see family.
He brought along his friend,Kim, who was so much fun to hang out with!
We went and ate sushi for dinner and watched a movie that night.

While Scott and Isaac worked on Isaac's new fixy the next day, me and Kim hit the mall.
It was so nice to go with someone who loves shopping as much as I do and not
have to feel guilty dragging poor Scott along for the ride. We also took a ride
around the neighborhood to see all the leaves turning colors, it was so much fun!

before they left, we made sure to introduce them to J-dogs and
got a few pictures in.
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