Monday, May 24, 2010


This is me, wondering why Scott is taking a picture of me after he went and got the mail:
Until I saw this:

and celebrated by doing this:

and this:
and this:

“Our education must never stop. If it ends at the door of the classroom on graduation day, we will fail. And we will need the help of heaven to know which of the myriad things we could study we would most wisely learn. We cannot waste time entertaining ourselves when we have the chance to read or to listen to whatever will help us learn what is true and useful. Insatiable curiosity will be our hallmark.” Henry B. Erying

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Once upon a time there was a husband and wife. They loved each other a lot and trusted each other enough that the wife would cut the husbands hair. It started as a good way to save money and ended up the same way it started.

One day the wife sat her husband in a chair to cut his hair and after the first stroke of the razor said "whoops, that was a 4 not a 8". The husband lost all color in his face until she said "just kidding".... two minutes later she said the same thing but this time there was no "just kidding" but only a lonely "whoops".

Luckily, hair grows back and the husband works in a warehouse and still loves his wife.

Sorry Scott!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Under Water

Mothers Day Weekend, we went to Mall of America to see the underwater aquarium. We ended up going through it twice because it was so pricey, we felt like we should have to get out money worth and go through it a second time. The first time, it was REALLY crowded and Benson had just woken up from a nap so he had no idea what was going on. We went and walked around the mall for a little bit and then went through again. The second time was WAY better. There was hardly anyone there and so we got to take our time.

They had sharks, fish, jellyfish, and giant turtles! Scott's favorite part was the turtles and mine was all of it! Benson's favorite was the glass that held the sharks between him and them.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Swing, Swing, Swing

The weather here turned cold and after being stuck in the house all last week, Friday I couldn't take it anymore. we braved the cold weather and went to a park that had swings. It was Benson's first time in the swing and wasn't sure what to think at first. He clung on to dear life at first but then realized he was pretty safe. We had a lot of fun but I think I might of swung him a little too much because he threw up some cheerios at the end...lesson learned.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

eye of the tiger

For some reason or another, this last weekend Scott and I decided to watch Rocky III. Neither one of us have ever seen the Rocky movies and so we thought we should educate ourselves. I know it was filmed in the 80s and I've never been a Sylvester Stallone fan, you could even say I avoided any of his movies at all costs but I LOVED this movie and I cried.

We have since watched Rocky and Rocky II. I think my favorite is Rocky III. I don't know what is about these movies but they are soo good! And for the last three days Scott and I have been singing 'Eye of the Tiger' through out the day.

so go and watch them. they are on netflix or amazon. its totally worth your time. Then you can start quoting Rocky too!

"Yo Adrienne, Adrienne!"