Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tummy Tub?

A few weeks ago my mom called me to tell me she saw on the Today show a new type of baby bath tub that has come from Europe that is now beginning to get popular in the U.S. I tried to find it on line but she didn't know the name or how to describe it. Then tonight at dinner with our cousins, one of them brought it up, again, that he saw it on the Today Show. Luckly they found the site for me and I thought it was soo funny, especailly with the little babies in the tub, i just had to post about it. how funny is this!

Monday, June 22, 2009

June is for waiting

There has been a lot of waiting going on the past few weeks, hence the lack of exciting posts. Waiting for 7 peaks to open (finally, it has!), waiting for this baby to come- I'm now at 37 weeks and feel like if he gets any bigger i'm going to pop, and waiting to hear back from jobs..

In a quick summary, Scott graduated in April and has been looking for a job, he got an interview in the same town as where my parents live in NC with a management training program with Enterprise rental car. He got another interview in D.C. with revolution cycle, which is a bike company whose clients include secret service, the president and other government officials.

Both interviews went very well, and seemed very interested in Scott. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to each one, which I won't go into because they are pretty lengthy. We're just waiting to hear back and applying for more jobs out East and in the area.

I did find a job where I can work from home, which is very exciting for us that I will be able to work and be at home with the baby.

We went to one of those classes that the hospital offers and even though it was very long (6 hours!) it was very helpful. I think we have most everything ready for the baby, at least the basics. I'm starting to get really excited for him to come and not to be pregnant anymore!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Hunger Games

Way back in April I had a friend recommend me some summer readings. I love reading all kinds of books, but for summer I really like easy reads or ones that are just for fun. When I went to the library to check out the books she recommended, one of them - The Hunger Games- had a waiting list of over 100 people, I went ahead and signed up for it and never thought about it till the library called me yesterday and said it was ready to pick up. I started reading it yesterday and finished today around noon (Scott has been at work all day and its been down pouring all morning, what else is a girl to do!?)

The book was really good- I don't know why I liked it soo much, partly because of how easy it was to believe the characters, the style of writing the author has and the fact that it has romance but the good kind- you know, the kind that makes you think of the one person you love, the real deal and that it had enough action and twists to make a it a page turner.

I would recommend it to everyone, but there is a catch that made me pretty mad at the very end of the book- ITS A TRILOGY! and the next one doesn't come out till Sept. 1st! I almost started crying when the book ended by saying "end of book I"... I HATE waiting for books to come out.
So read the book as long as you dont mind waiting, but if you do- Don't read it! it'll just kill you!!