Wednesday, November 24, 2010

take two

Last night we went in for the routine 20 week ultrasound and we are so excited that we're going to have another BOY!

I remeber when Benson was born, he would pee EVERY time we changed his diaper, i saw these at the time and never made them but now that we've got another little boy on the way, i'm tempted to make them this time around.

they are little wee wigwam, you cover them up while you change their diaper- how funny.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Remember, Remember the 5th of November

I stole that from some peoples facebook status, i think its from a tv show or something.

But its a great way to remember Scott's brithday! (I'm awful at remembering dates, just ask Scott- the other day we were talking about our anniversary in April and I told him the 26th of April was the best day of my life....he looked at me funny and asked "Why? because it was two days before we got married?" Oh Right- We got married on the 28th)

So here is the late shout out to Scott for his birthday!

We celebrated by going to Chipotle and getting 2 free burritos! (no- i didnt steal them)
and visiting the Minnesota History Museum where we found out that there is a lake somewhere in this great state that when the water freezes- over 30,000 people move onto the lake and create a town- they have roads, speed limits and even a towing service... amazing! It doesnt make me any more excited for winter here though.

He had to leave tonight to go out of town for the week-We'll see how this week goes - I'm a bit nervous I might go crazy by the end of the week but I've made a huge TO-DO LIST that will hopefully keep me busy and sane.

pictures will come later.