Friday, December 17, 2010

18 inches

Minnesota has been nice enough to give us a good taste of their winter wonderland and sub zero temperatures over this last week. This morning it was -10 and the high yesterday was 5. I think we might hit 24 for this week - watch out for that heat wave!

Not only is it numbingly cold here but this weekend we got hit with a blizzard that dropped 18 inches in our town. The wind was the snow's steady companion and so some of the snow drifts around our neighborhood ended up being several feet high. Here are just a few pictures we took one night. Now they have the roads plowed and cars dug out but the snow pile down the street is almost to the top of the lamp post.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

God Bless the Walmart Man

I hate going to walmart. What I hate worse about going to Walmart is having to go and get help from someone who works there- especially around the holidays. Everyone is in a hurry or grumpy. Today I had to go and have the battery in the LC (Land cruiser) tested. It sat for a week in sub zero tempatures and had to be jumped started a few times. Scott asked me to just take it in and have it tested. I didn't want to do it. I've been dreading it since he asked me.

This seems like an easy task but like I said, I hate Walmart and running any errands with Benson has been less than delightful since he's discovered that he can stand rather than sit in the cart. Luckly I had a doctors apt today and had a friend watch Benson for me. Before I went to go pick him up, I drove over to Walmart, around the back side and parked. I went in and a nice man behind the counter asked what he could help me with. I explained to him the situation and told him I needed the battery in the car tested. He said ok.

This is where I was waiting for him to growl at me or tell me I'll have to wait 20 mintues. Or explain the machine or whatever it is they test the battery with is broke or being repaired. Instead he grabbed a brick looking thing that has two cords attached to it and started walking around the counter and outside to my car. dumbly, I followed him as he politely, without making me feel like an idot since I know nothing about cars, explained how it'll be tested and the numbers the results needs to be for the batter to be good. He tested it and the results printed out on his brick thing and he gave me three options of what I could do then. One option was to just make sure to run the car everyday (I picked this option).

AND THAT WAS IT. I thanked him and he smiled and said sincerely "your welcome". It took a total of 5 maybe 7 minutes. I know this doesn't sound like that great of a story but to me it was. I feel like during the holiday season I can get so caught up in what I need to get done, what I haven't done and what a hurry I am in to get those things done, that I don't feel like I don't have time to help other people around me or even just stop and say "Thank you".

This man seemed like his whole day was revolved around me coming in and him helping me and he was happy to do so. And he was nice. And helpful. I just stood there for a second wanting to hug this man and tell him how wonderful he was. God bless the Walmart man for teaching me a lesson.