Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Chores

We spent most of the day in the backyard raking, mowing, sweeping and bagging leaves. We have definitely neglected our backyard (just like our blog) over the last few months. It was a first Saturday in a while that the weather was perfect and we didn't have anything planned, so we definitely took advantage of the situation. We have two orange trees and a banana tree that add to the yard work so it took most of the morning...I'm getting distracted...

...The reason for this post was not to talk about our yard but to post about a moment that I know I'll forget if I dont write it down.

So Benson has be on a wild streak for the last few weeks and is finally coming off it. The last few days he has been as sweet as little boys can be. Last night we let him stay up late with us because we were having so much fun together, he also was so sweet that I let him in our bed with us to go to sleep. When I asked Scott who he wanted to say the prayer- Benson piped up and said he wanted to

Me: Benson, you wanna say the prayer?

Benson: yah

Me: okay, do you want me to help you? (I've always helped him)

Benson: No....Dear Heavenly Father..

he continued to say the entire prayer all by himself. I know this sounds like nothing special- many kids his age can say a pray but it was Benson's first time and when he spoke there was something so tender and sincere in his voice that it just melted my heart.

What else does that have to do with the yard work?

He has continued his sweet attitude through out today while we were working in the yard. He had his boots and rope with him the whole time. He helped sweep and pick up handfuls of leaves and put them into the bags. He even helped put all the old banana leaves into the back of the truck. I was proud of him.

It was worth the last few weeks where there were more tears than laughter, more stares than smiles from strangers at the store and more time outs than diaper changes.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Kings Day

Today is Kings Day in the big easy. It is 12 days after Christmas and the beginning of the Mardi Gras season. They take Mardi Gras pretty seriously down here. Most people start getting Kings Cake to begin the celebration and I thought I would join in on the festivities and get one for tonight.

I went to a recommended bakery that does ONLY king cakes, it was around 330 and they only had MASSIVE ones shaped in LSU (they are serious about LSU down here too) and there was only 4 left..despite the massive price tag it came with, I was very excited to purchase my very first Kings Cake. In each Cake there is a little plastic baby and whoever gets the baby throws the next party. I dropped off part of the cake to two different friends since each of the letters took up an entire cookie sheet- we didnt need that much cake. It should be fun to see who gets the baby!

And since it has been so long since we've posted anything on here- I'll give you a little piece of my Christmas awesome did these pictures turn out!!