Saturday, March 14, 2009


My family teases me that I love snuggies and really want one. My sister in law sent me this and asked if our kid is going to want one...Lori: HECK YES!

Friday, March 13, 2009

New York

I have been meaning to post about our trip to NYC for awhile and now that I'm supposed to be working on a huge paper, I thought it would be perfect timing. (Beware..its long!!) Back in Feburary, my parents had a conference and were staying at the Marriott Marquis right on times square! They invited us and we couldn't resist free board and we could use our flight vouchers we got from Thanksgiving. So basically, free flight and free board! We took a red eye flight valentine's night (i know, really romantic) and it was really nice cause there was hardly anyone on the flight and so we each got a whole row to ourselves, I just went right to bed.

We got in Sunday morning and went to one of Scott's old areas where he served his mission. It was in East ny in Brooklyn. I was a little nervous but we made it to church and it was a really great experience. Afterwards, we went to lunch at Marva's house, a lady who scott baptized while he was on his mission. Now, I want to make it clear that I really love my husband. a lot. but I'm pretty sure Marva might just love him as much as I do...which is..a lot!

This is Marva and Scott
Here is us with Moniqua, Marva and Joseph
Marva made a feast! Me and my mom loving the food!
The next day we spent most the day at the Met Museum. The only problem was that on the way to the museum you had to walk down 5th avenue and almost every store us girls wanted to go in and poor Scott had to come along (he HATES shopping). Here is one of my favorite stores that i've missed so much since moving to utah- H&M.
The met museum was amazing! There are over 1 million peices of art in the museum alone, so it was easy to spend a lot of time there. It also made us hungry- I'm pretty sure my sister Maddie had atleast 2 hot dogs per day while we were there! She couldn't get enough of them! Here are some of my favorite paintings and sculptures from the Met.
This painting above had a funny story. Scott came up to me while we were walking around and said that he found Douglas (my sister's husband). I didn't get what he was saying till he showed me the painting! it looks exactly like him!

Walking back to the hotel, we stopped by a shop to get real NY pizza that Scott has missed so much! We also found a store that only sold puppies! Me and Maddie felt like we died and gone to heaven. I'm pretty sure if Scott wasn't there we'd have a puppy!
One of Scott's favorite thing to do while we were there was to ride the subway. Anytime we were going somwhere he always piped up and said "lets take the subway"!!

We also took the ferry over to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. It was really cool to be that close to the statue but i LOVED LOVED Ellis Island. the museum there was amazing! It really made you appreicate all that our ancestors went throught to get to America.
Maddie in the museum

An amazing view with the Brooklyn Bridge

We also made it Chinatown, ate amazing Chinese food, stopped by the court district to take a picture of the building that is in all the t.v. shows (Scott loves Law and Order). The weather was perfect- sunny and not too cold the whole time, till the last day. We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge in the the middle of a short snow storm. It was worth it though.

You can tell this family LOVES food!

I know this sounds dorky but these elevators were sooo cool! this was the middle of the hotel, i think its 54 stories and there was like 15 elevators and are in the middle of the hotel so when you go up, its all glass and you can see everything. It was so cool.
okay, I know that was a lot!! but there was just so much to share!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Today we had our ultrasound appointment, I was nervous the WHOLE day and could barely focus on my classes but I made it through and got to the appointment. He said it was a girl and my first thought was "umm no its not" and then a few seconds later he said "Oh no, its definitely a "BOY"!!!
We're excited and Scott said that we can save all the money that we would of used to buy little girl dresses and buy a bike for the baby.. I'm sure he'll own a bike before he can walk. We're still looking for good names, so if you have any ideas, let us know!!